We did it! Europe takes historic stand against corruption


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We did it. After months of our hard campaigning, last night European leaders reached a deal that requires oil, gas, mining, and logging companies to publish the payments they make to governments.

Previously, these payments were made in secret, fuelling corruption; but this victory will help promote accountability.  Now citizens will be better able to ensure that the money generated in resource-rich countries is used for vital services like schools, roads and hospitals.

This deal is a historic milestone in the fight against corruption and your actions made all the difference.

More than 162 000 petition signatures; more than 8000 postcards and countless handwritten letters and tweets all made sure our voices couldn’t be ignored.

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As Bono said, “Europe’s leaders have stepped up and delivered a gamechanging breakthrough tonight. Transparency is one of the best vaccines against corruption, and now citizens the world over will know what their country’s resources are really worth. I’m delighted for the activists that have campaigned so hard for this to happen and applaud the bravery of politicians who stood up to fierce lobbying and got the deal done.”

And it wouldn’t have happened without you.  Thank you again.

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