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The following is a guest blog from Natasha Adams, Campaigns and Parliamentary Officer at Concern Worldwide

I find it really hard to imagine how awful it must be to go without enough to eat, let alone the horror of being unable to feed my family. Most of us in the UK are lucky – although the price of food is creeping up we rarely miss meals and have access to enough of the food we like to keep us healthy. We may moan we’re ‘starving’ if we have to skip lunch, but we don’t stop to think about what this really means.

One in seven people don’t have enough to eat – in a world where enough food is produced for all. Another one in seven don’t have enough nutritious food to keep them healthy.

The recent ONE campaign research ‘Small Change: Big Difference’, highlights how important UK aid is, and what a huge difference it is making to the world’s poorest people. We should feel proud that our Government is committed to keeping its promise on aid spending, but as a leader in international development the UK can do more to encourage other countries to make a difference too.

This year the US will host the G8 summit in May, with a focus on food security, agriculture and nutrition, as the last G8 Hunger Promise comes to an end. After this year’s summit in the US, G8 leaders will meet here in the UK in 2013. This means the UK Government is in a great position to push for all G8 leaders to make a new and improved commitment to reduce world hunger, and the UK can continue to lead the way when we host the summit next year.

You can help

Prime Minister David Cameron will represent the UK at the G8 summit, and he can push for a new hunger commitment. We think the best way of getting him to hear our voices on this is to ask supporters to email their MPs, asking that MPs write to the Prime Minister. If enough MPs write, quoting emails from constituents, this will give a clear message that the UK public care about hunger.

Concern would like the new hunger commitment to be developed in partnership with poorer countries, so they can say how best money can be spent to ensure the poorest people have access to nutritious food. It makes sense to focus on sustainability as well, and this will mean support to the poorest farmers to help them grow more. Finally, we would like the new commitment to be measured not on funds committed but against impact on hunger, so we can be sure it is working.

Please help by emailing your MP today – our template email means this will only take 2 minutes, and you can edit it yourself.


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