The real life Breaking Bad, and how you can write the ending

WARNING: This blog contains information about recent episodes of Breaking Bad, and wild speculation about the ending.

Image by GraffitiBomber

Image by GraffitiBomber

So far, nearly 300 people have died on Breaking Bad, killed directly or indirectly by a couple of idiots who want to make a quick buck selling crystal meth. Blame lies all over the place, but one man bears the brunt: Walter White.

I hate him.

He’s a coward, a bully and a murderer. And he gets away with it over and over again, hiding behind Jesse, his wife, their business, a gas mask, his stupid hat and stupid fake name Heisenberg. No matter how close anyone gets to him, he walks away, and there’s never a trace left behind.

Walt is likely to die before he can be fully brought to justice, so there will be no closure for his countless victims. I cannot bear for this to happen.

Yet every day when I come to work I’m reminded that not only might this happen in Breaking Bad (I’m biting my nails just thinking about it) it actually happens all the time, in real life, all over the world. And we let it happen because the law, as it currently stands, allows drug lords just like Walter White to hide behind the mask of phantom firms.

That’s why I’m glad we’re taking them on – so eventually there’ll be nowhere left to hide.

Much like the final series of Breaking Bad, the fight against phantom firms could easily drag on over the next two years. We have just a few weeks to influence decision makers and then a few months to make their promises a reality. We can’t afford to miss this opportunity.

Save the jeopardy and cliff hangers for TV. We need thousands of people to demand change, by signing our petition, writing letters, meeting MPs, and we need you to do it now.

So, what could happen in this real life drama?

How about: 28 countries in Europe, closely followed by the US, implement laws that mean that drug dealers and money launderers have no place to hide their dodgy deals. And that all this information is made public, so citizens can hold leaders and businesses to account and help root out corruption.

They might even find a story so crazy it inspires them to write a TV show.

Take one minute to sign our petition calling for a crack down on the phantom firms that rob Africa of billions. 


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