It’s time to do something super for gender equality
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It’s time to do something super for gender equality


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Audiences worldwide watch as people of all different backgrounds, views, and abilities become powerful superheroes on the big screen. Fans of these movies know that having power is not the important part. It’s what you do with that power that truly defines these heroes.

Unfortunately, in real life, good deeds aren’t always as cinematic. No one is flying to catch people from falling buildings, or fighting villains with super strength to save the world, or breaking through meteors tumbling towards the earth. But, there are opportunities for action that can change the world. Opportunities that, when taken, have the power to save millions of lives.

One such opportunity is on the horizon. At the G7 Summit, world leaders from the seven largest economies, along with invited guests, will join together. They have the power to do something truly epic when they get there: fight inequality.

We need world leaders to recognize the immense power they have and use it to combat gender inequality worldwide. From creating progressive laws to funding the fight for gender equality, they have the ability to take steps that will affect the lives of girls and women everywhere.

They’re not the only people who can make a difference in the fight for equality. When you share this video, you’re telling these leaders that you want them to use their power and influence for the cause of equality. It’s time to hold world leaders accountable to their promises and ensure that they make real progress to turn those words into reality.

Gender equality won’t be achieved in a day. There’s a long fight ahead to make sure that everyone, everywhere, has an equal chance at thriving. To make that happen, we need progress – not promises – from world leaders at the G7 Summit.

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