Stories of Solidarity: Messages from frontline workers

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Demand a Global Response to Coronavirus

Throughout this pandemic, we have been awed by the incredible acts of humanity taking place to protect those most in need and to help flatten the curve. People around the world are banding together in solidarity to do their parts.

In 2020, we put an open call out to our ONE Supporters and asked them to share their stories of solidarity with us. We were blown away by the responses, and we decided to bring some of those stories to life in a video series.

Here are the stories of five frontline heroes who showed amazing courage and kindness during COVID-19.

Dr. Akalewold Wagayehu, a physician in Ethiopia

Dr. Akalewold Wagayehu, along with fellow healthcare workers, continued to go to work every day, despite a spike in healthcare workers testing positive for COVID-19 and a controversial government order in Ethiopia to no longer test healthcare workers for the virus.

Sarah DeFlon, a nurse in the US

Sarah DeFlon, a nurse and ONE volunteer in Ann Arbor, Michigan, shares the realities of working on the frontlines against COVID-19 and how ending this pandemic and ending extreme poverty might go hand in hand.

Dr. Romeo Desire Dasimba, a doctor in Kosovo

Dr. Romeo Desire Dasimba, a UN Medical Doctor in Kosovo, is originally from Rwanda. His experience handling an Ebola outbreak in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo helped prepare him to respond to COVID-19.

Lloyd Nunag, a research nurse in the UK

Lloyd Nunag, a clinical research nurse in the United Kingdom originally from the Philippines, talks about about why vaccine equity is so important and the hardship of the pandemic in his home country.

James Musyoka, an entrepreneur in Kenya

James Musyoka is the co-founder of Kenya Connect, an organization that has been on the frontlines with other NGOs helping their community combat COVID-19. Kenya Connect has come up with creative ways to fight the virus, one of which is creating masks locally.

Demand a Global Response to Coronavirus

People all over the world are standing in solidarity with each other to fight coronavirus, but the virus keeps moving fast.

The pandemic will inevitably wreak its worst on the communities and countries that are least able to withstand the shock. Let’s stand with the most vulnerable whether they live across the street or across the ocean.

We are one world and it’s time to fight for humanity against the virus. Sign our petition telling governments that a global pandemic demands a global response.

Dear World Leaders,

The world needs a Pandemic Response Plan to:

– Protect the vulnerable, support essential workers, and make a vaccine available to everyone
– Support people worst hit economically
– Strengthen health systems so we’re ready if this happens again

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