Gayle Smith on fighting the good fight with Phoebe Robinson


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If it seems like everyone you know is obsessed with podcasts, it’s probably because, well, they are. In 2018, Variety reported that Apple podcasts had more than 500,000 active podcast series available for download from their vast library!

That’s why we’re particularly excited to be diving into the world of podcasting this week. Our CEO, Gayle Smith, is one of this week’s guests on this special (RED) and ONE episode of Phoebe Robinson’s hit podcast Sooo Many White Guys, alongside actor, activist & (RED) Ambassador, Javier Muñoz!

Gayle Smith (left), Phoebe Robinson (centre) and Javier Muñoz (right) in New York City.

On this episode, Phoebe, Javier Muñoz, and Gayle Smith Fight the Good Fight!, Gayle shares how she got to where she is today, how she became involved in HIV/AIDS work and how she’s getting s**t done. Phoebe and Javier, both (RED) ambassadors, also talk about their work in combatting HIV/AIDS. Tune in using the player below or download the episode from Spotify or Apple!

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