Pancake Day: Who gives a toss about development aid?

Pancake Day: Who gives a toss about development aid?


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Today is Shrove Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, depending on where you live. And for lots of us that means stuffing our faces with pancakes.  But whilst we do that, it’s important to ask some of life’s big questions. Like…

Will we end poverty by 2030? Yes.

Are we on the cusp of a data revolution that will change the way we live our lives and empower people to seize control of their futures and hold their leaders to account? We hope so.

And of course, who really gives a toss about development aid? We do!

We know you do too. But who are the big winners and losers in the pancake race of development spending? Some countries have already charged across the finish line of investing 0.7% of their  national income. Others need to hurry up and do batter. (Sorry.  There are more of these coming.)

The delicious toppings represent how much is spent on aid, and these countries are doing a flipping great job.

Top 5 Development Spending Countries

  • Norway600
    Norway: 1.07%
  • Sweden600
    Sweden: 1.02%
  • Luxembourg600
    Luxembourg: 1%
  • Denmark600
    Denmark: 0.85%
  • UK600
    UK: 0.7%

But other countries just aren’t stacking up. It’s almost like they don’t give a crêpe.

Australia has outlined unprecedented cuts to its aid budget that will slash government spending on development to just 0.22% of national income by 2018 – its lowest level ever.

We’re campaigning for governments to step up their support for the poorest countries, where aid still makes a huge difference to people’s lives by providing vital services like education, healthcare and support for agriculture. Our members helped hold the UK government to it’s aid spending promise last year, hitting the UN target of 0.7% of national income last year for the first time.

If you give a toss about development aid, share this message and then reward yourself with some delicious pancakes. We did…


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