Opening governance to accelerate poverty reduction

2012 is an exciting year full of opportunities for opening governance to accelerate progress on poverty reduction. ONE’s new Transparency and Accountability Team has a full agenda, spearheading the organization’s efforts to push for more open, transparent and accountable governance.

Our aim is to drive progress toward open development, a world in which people in developing countries have the information and resources that they need to hold their governments to account and to make well-informed decisions to improve their lives. As a stepping stone toward that, we are pushing for more transparent and accountable financing for development, so that resources (including but not limited to aid) are spent effectively to deliver improved results in health, agriculture, infrastructure and other issues that are key to the fight against poverty and building prosperity. We are not short on ambition!

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To do this, we’re working on a number of fronts, pushing for natural resource revenue transparency, budget transparency and aid transparency and encouraging donors to invest more in building the capacity of civil society organizations and other oversight institutions, such as parliaments, so that they can make use of the information that transparency will unleash, in order to hold governments to account.

On natural resource revenues, we’re supporting the battle to ensure that Cardin-Lugar legislation is implemented in the US and that EU legislation makes it onto the books.

On budget transparency, we’re engaging with the Global Initiative on Fiscal Transparency as it seeks to develop and implement global norms on budget transparency.

On aid transparency, we’re pushing to ensure that agreements reached at Busan are monitored and implemented and that the most is made of potential of the World Bank’s Open Aid Partnership.

And we’re talking to the World Bank and others to encourage investments in the capacity of civil society and oversight institutions.

To drive progress on these various issues, we’re focused on the G8 in the US, the G20 in Mexico, and the Open Government Partnership (OGP). We’ll be on the ground for an OGP meeting in Brazil in April and then working closely with the UK Government as it chairs over the next year. We’re also pretty excited about the potential of new technologies as transparency and accountability game-changers. And, we’re beginning to give some thought to what we might do to help tackle illicit financial flows, boost domestic resource mobilization in developing countries, and incorporate governance, transparency and accountability issues to a set of post-2015 development goals.

We’re also working with colleagues on health, agriculture and infrastructure to mainstream transparency and accountability into ONE’s sectoral issues, and with colleagues in Africa to ensure that our work is always and everywhere well-informed by African perspectives and realities.

As we ramp up our work from a transparency and accountability perspective, we’ll be sharing more information about what we’re up to and looking for you to lend your voice so that together we can ensure that there are more resources, better spent, delivering improved results. Follow @alanhudson1 for the latest news in the area, and get in touch with your ideas.


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