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Meet Valentina, an Italy Youth Ambassador for ONE


Join the fight against extreme poverty

Italian Youth Ambassador, Valentina Tafuni.

My commitment in the battle against inequality started when I learned a simple and important concept: nobody is free until all people have the same opportunity to live with freedom, good health, and possibility in every corner of the planet.

I’ve been active in politics since I was 18 when I completed a traineeship program at the European Parliament in Brussels. Through the program I was able to work on issues related to extremism, populism, nationalism and radicalisation.

I became a ONE Youth Ambassador because I believe that speaking up about the injustice of poverty can contribute towards achieving a more fair and equal world. I trust in the interconnection between all the big issues that will determine our future as universal community, so I think “global” in every context of my life.

Thanks to my experience with an organisation that fights for the rights of people with disabilities and against both the physical and mental barriers surrounding disability, I strongly believe in the power of advocacy carried out by young people to generate change in society. I’m now the speaker of my political party in Bari and firmly believe that including social minorities in the decision-making process can make a  real difference at every level.

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