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UK Youth Ambassador Karen Jelenje.

My interest in international development began just after I had finished my undergraduate studies. After working in a few job roles related to my degree I started to wonder how I could use the skills I had developed to make a true difference in people’s lives especially in the poorest countries in the world. I decided my next mission would be to learn more about international development by undertaking a master’s degree and finding a volunteer role that would allow me to use my voice to make a lasting impact on people’s lives. This is where ONE comes in.

I had heard about ONE’s Youth Ambassador scheme online. One thing that struck me the most about ONE was the number of images of youth helping create positive impact I had seen online, young people just like me. I am passionate about youth-led action and ONE sees youth as key to achieving its goals in tackling extreme poverty.

It can be easy to think that one person cannot make much of an impact. But, I’m one person in a network of Youth Ambassadors across Europe and I want to demonstrate to others that youth can be the key to fighting extreme poverty worldwide.

As a ONE Youth Ambassador, I am very proud to be involved in a bigger movement that will help make a difference in the world today and also the future and to be part of an international and diverse community that advocates for a fairer world and encourages the youth to create a positive impact in their communities. Since becoming a Youth Ambassador, I have realised that you don’t need a degree to make a difference to the world, you just need to use your voice and energy. With a little determination, hopefully, people will begin to listen.

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