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Meet Jordan, a France Youth Ambassador for ONE


Join the fight against extreme poverty

France ONE Youth Ambassador, Justin.

Hi! I’m Jordan, I’m 24 years old and I am very proud to be a Youth Ambassador!

My parents come from Congo so I grew up with images of the Kivu conflict. It is truly crucial to me to spend my time helping people – whether that is here in Paris or elsewhere.

I created an association several years ago after I had an opportunity to go to Morocco where we trained young people and teach them how to organise events for children, renovate classrooms, distribute books and school stationery to children.

I think that if one person spends a little bit of their time helping others we could build together a better world. I study humanitarian aid at university to be an actor of a change because I believe in a better world. As a Youth Ambassador, I’m more than a voice. We ALL deserve to have the same rights and opportunities. That’s why I am here to fight the good fight.

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