Make noise for the MDGs this September with Stand Up, Take Action!


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

Cara Gold from the United Nations Millennium Campaign shares a unique opportunity to participate in Stand Up, Take Action!, a global grassroots effort to raise awareness for the Millennium Development Goals.

What will you be doing the weekend of September 17-19? Will you be joining the global movement to raise awareness of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – eight goals to end extreme poverty and its root causes? I will!

Join me and millions of others as we take a stand for the rights of 1.4 billion global citizens who live on less than $1.25.

Since 2007, the United Nations Millennium Campaign has organized Stand Up, Take Action! -– a global grassroots mobilization effort to raise MDG awareness. Last year, a record-breaking 173 million people around the world took a “Stand” against poverty. I know we can beat that in 2010!

How can you get involved? This year, Stand Up, Take Action! “Make Noise for the MDGs” is happening around the world from September 17-19, with a global day of action on September 18. Register your event online at where you can also download Stand Up signs, brochures, logos, banners, t-shirt designs and more.

Be sure to also visit Meet Up to see what other events are happening in your community and “like” us on Facebook to talk about your event! Have fun with the theme –- ring bells, sing loudly, drum to your heart’s content and don’t forget to take pictures and video! You may be featured in next year’s promotional video!

Did you know that 2010 is a crucial year for the MDGs? Between September 20 and 22, approximately 10 years after 189 countries signed the Millennium Declaration, world leaders will attend the United Nations MDG Review Summit. At this meeting, progress will be assessed and plans will be made for the next five years.

This year’s Stand Up is not only a key opportunity for you to make your government aware that people care about the MDGs, but it also helps hold governments accountable for promises they have made. So please join us by taking a “Stand” against poverty in 2010!

– Cara Gold, U.N .Millennium Campaign


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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