ONE Vote Italy: Who’s committed to our pledge?

ONE Vote Italy: Who’s committed to our pledge?

On September 25th, the third anniversary of the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ONE launched a post-election ONE Vote Italy campaign with a parliament “take over” in Rome with our amazing Youth Ambassadors (YAs).

The YAs met with 28 Deputies, Senators and Ministers from across the political spectrum, asking them to sign a ONE Vote pledge. Through this pledge, MPs committed to support the fight against extreme poverty. Vowing to take action during their mandate to ensure that Italian and European laws make it easier for the world’s poorest countries to empower their citizens to live free from poverty.

Check out the Italian politicians who have already signed our ONE Vote Italy pledge:

  • Viceministra-alla-Cooperazione-e-Sviluppo-Emanuela-Del-Re-M5S
    Viceministra degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale Emanuela Del Re (M5S)
  • On.-Paolo-Gentiloni-PD-1
    On. Paolo Gentiloni (PD)
  • On.-Paolo-Gentiloni-PD
    On. Paolo Gentiloni (PD)
  • Vicepresidente-Ettore-Rosato-PD
    On. Ettore Rosato (PD)
  • DI-Stefano-2
    Sottosegretario di Stato per gli Affari Esteri e la Cooperazione Internazionale Manlio Di Stefano (M5S)
  • Sen.-Pietro-Grasso-LeU
    Sen. Pietro Grasso (LeU)
  • On.-Rossella-Muroni-LeU
    On. Rossella Muroni (LeU)
  • On.-Francesco-D_Uva-M5S-On.-Sabrina-De-Carlo-M5S-On.-Simona-Suriano-M5S-On.-Iolanda-Di-Stasio-M5S-On.-Raphael-Raduzzi-M5S
    On. Francesco D’Uva (M5S), On. Sabrina De Carlo (M5S), On. Simona Suriano (M5S), On. Iolanda Di Stasio (M5S), On. Raphael Raduzzi (M5S)
  • Sen.-Loredana-De-Petris-LeU-2
    Sen. Loredana De Petris (LeU)
  • Sen.-Gianluca-Castaldi-M5S
    Sen. Gianluca Castaldi (M5S)
  • Sen.-Giuseppe-Moles-FI
    Sen. Giuseppe Moles (FI)
  • Sen.-Lucio-Malan-FI
    Sen. Lucio Malan (FI)
  • Sen.-Lucio-Malan-e-Sen.-Giuseppe-Moles
    Sen. Lucio Malan (FI) e Sen. Giuseppe Moles (FI)
  • On.-Massimo-Ungaro-PD
    On. Massimo Ungaro (PD)
  • Sen.-Loredana-De-Petris-LeU
    Sen. Loredana DePetris (LeU)
  • On.-Mauro-Del-Barba-PD
    On. Mauro Del Barba (PD)
  • On.-Riccardo-Olgiati-M5S-e-On.-Niccolò-Invidia-M5S
    On. Riccardo Olgiati (M5S) e On. Niccolò Invidia (M5S)
  • On.-Alessandro-Fusacchia-Misto-Europa-1
    On. Alessandro Fusacchia (Misto - +Europa)
  • On.-Alessandro-Fusacchia-Misto-Europa
    On. Alessandro Fusacchia (Misto - +Europa)
  • On.-Vita-Martinciglio-M5S
    On. Vita Martinciglio (M5S)
  • Sen.-Gianni-Pittella-PD-Sen.-Alessandro-Alfieri-PD
    Sen. Gianni Pittella (PD) e Sen. Alessandro Alfieri (PD)
  • Sen.-Gianni-Pittella-PD-Sen.-Alessandro-Alfieri-PD-1
    Sen. Gianni Pittella (PD) e Sen. Alessandro Alfieri (PD)
  • On.-Alvise-Maniero-M5S
    On. Alvise Maniero (M5S)
  • Sen.-Maurizio-Buccarella-Misto
    On. Maurizio Buccarella (Misto)
  • Sen.-Andrea-Ferrazzi-PD
    Sen. Andrea Ferrazzi (PD)
  • Romaniello
    On. Cristian Romaniello (M5S)
  • Luca-Pastorino-Leu-4
    Luca Pastorino (LeU)
  • Riccardo-Magi-Europa
    Riccardo Magi (Misto - +Europa)
  • 6a5350fd-d7c5-436f-beb0-3a2f7f82ddea
    Sen. Pier Ferdinando Casini (Gruppo Per le Autonomie)
  • Laforgia-2
    Sen. Francesco Laforgia (LeU)
  • Fregolent-2
    On. Silvia Fregolent (PD)
  • On.-Lia-Quartapelle-Procopio-PD
    On. Lia Quartapelle Procopio (PD)
  • Eugenio-Comincini
    Sen. Eugenio Comincini (PD)
  • Sen.-Laura-Bottici-M5S
    Sen. Laura Bottici (M5S)
  • On.-Elisa-Siragusa-M5S-2
    On. Elisa Siragusa (M5S)
  • On.-Lorenzo-Guerini-PD-2-2
    On. Lorenzo Guerini (PD)
  • On.-Piero-Fassino-PD
    On. Piero Fassino (PD)
  • On.-Laura-Boldrini-LeU-2
    On. Laura Boldrini (LeU)

Our YAs also raised awareness of Italy’s vital role – as a member of the G7 and G20 and one of the biggest EU countries – to ensure that the world meets the 2030 deadline to achieve the SDGs and put an end to extreme poverty.

A successful campaign launch saw decision makers listening carefully to what young constituents had to say about their fight for a fairer world.  YAs still have many other meetings lined up in their cities and will try to reach as many members of Parliament as possible!

They say all roads lead to Rome, but, after this, we have hope the road from Rome will lead to the eradication of extreme poverty!

Watch this space and follow @ONEinItalia on Twitter to see what Italian Youth Ambassadors are achieving through the #ONEVoteItalia campaign!


Join the fight against extreme poverty


Join the fight against extreme poverty

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