VIDEO: Mandela’s speech on poverty, which inspired a generation

10 years ago today, Nelson Mandela gave this inspirational speech to 20,000 people gathered in London’s Trafalgar Square. It became a rallying cry for many of us on the journey to end extreme poverty.

Nelson Mandela’s determination to see every South African treated equally, regardless of race, was echoed by a broader belief that extreme poverty is a global injustice no-one should have to endure.

Several ONE staff were there to hear those words, and are still being driven by the impact they had. He said,

“Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice. It is the protection of a fundamental human right, the right to dignity and a decent life. While poverty persists, there is no true freedom.”

I’m not sure there is a better way to sum up the reason why more than 6 million ONE members campaign relentlessly for an end to extreme poverty.

If you’re inspired by this video, please share it and encourage others to ‘be that great generation‘.