Here’s why we’re dressing up like world leaders in London

If you head down to Buckingham Palace today, you’ll see something pretty spectacular. Lined up along the Mall are 53 different flags representing the 53 nations in the Commonwealth, including Kenya, Nigeria, and Canada.

Why? Because The Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting is happening in London, bringing together some of the most powerful leaders in the world, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

ONE members have been banging on Mr. Trudeau’s door because, in a few weeks, he will host the leaders of the world’s biggest economies at the G7 summit in Quebec. That’s why we’re urging him to back a big idea that could kick-start momentous change: a bold new initiative that brings governments and the private sector together to fund programmes and change policies designed to empower women in the world’s poorest countries.

Poverty is Sexist and we need to act now.

With Justin Trudeau is in town, we gathered some local ONE members for a bold photo stunt urging the leaders of Canada and the United Kingdom to put girls and women centre stage in the fight against poverty.

Dressed as the infamous Rosie the Riveter, our message to Prime Minister’s Trudeau and May are clear: WE CAN DO IT!

Join the fight by adding your name to unlock women’s potential!

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