Have your say: can protest songs really change the world?

Have your say: can protest songs really change the world?


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If you have been following our agit8 campaign you’ll know that since June we have invited an incredible collection of artists to record their versions of iconic protest songs.

Muse, Usher, Bruce Springsteen, Baaba Maal, U2, Green Day, Jessie J, will.i.am, Mumford & Sons, the list of global stars goes on.  Plus rising talent and YouTube artists that you might not have discovered yet.

We have created five volumes of tracks on Spotify for you to stream (if you’re in a Spotify friendly country) or you can watch all the videos on our agit8 site.

Here at ONE we’ve loved working on a project that brings music and protest together. The number of artists who wanted to be involved, and the range of songs they performed shows that the protest song is still relevant today.

It opens our eyes to struggles we might not otherwise know about, it unites us behind the common causes we want to fight, and when those protests lead to change, it reminds us how powerful we can be when we come together.

That’s our view, but we want to hear yours.  Take our poll and then share it with your friends to help us get even more opinions.

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