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We’ve shot past our goals for our petition asking the Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to help developing countries adapt to climate change. And the numbers are still climbing.

Wanting to get a better understanding for the enthusiasm around the petition, I took a look at some of the comments that members sent in when they signed. What I saw was a laundry list of good reasons for taking action and spreading the word:

Annie in Canada:

It is very hard to convince countries to make the concessions needed to meet emissions goals when the countries who make the most emissions do not show any leadership or sense of responsibility for the effects that are felt in other countries.

Karen in New Zealand:

Small islands in the Pacific region are in great danger from rising sea levels. They need help and advice to make sure that they have a future for their people.

Juan in the Netherlands:

This is the time to act! The least developed countries will be the most affected by the changes in weather patterns resulting from climate change. The international community must therefore make available sufficient and easy-to-obtain funds for these countries to establish and pursue appropriate adaptation strategies.

If you haven’t signed yet, please do. And if you have signed, please take just a minute to let some of your friends know about this petition and encourage them to sign it as well.

-Weldon Kennedy

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