Girls Progress = Goals Progress

Girls Progress = Goals Progress


Join the fight against extreme poverty

We know that Poverty is Sexist. No matter how you cut it – socially, economically, legally – girls and women in the poorest countries get the rawest deal.

But it is also well known that when the position of girls and women improves, the benefit is shared by the whole community.

A coalition of organisations supporting the #GlobalGoals are today celebrating the inspirational, trailblazing women who are leading the quest for gender equality; the multitude of incredible campaigns that are fighting for women and girls’ empowerment; and showing the opportunity that we have, starting from today, to deliver the #GlobalGoals by starting with the world’s women and girls.

Check it out, and get INSPIRED!

If we are to achieve the #GlobalGoals by 2030 we must start by empowering girls and women TODAY, because the Goals that support women and girls are the Goals that will change the world!

Get started today by putting YOUR name to our Poverty is Sexist campaign. The fight for gender equality starts TODAY! 

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