How you can get ready for International Women’s Day!

International Women’s Day is fast approaching! On March 8th, we’ll celebrate the strides and accomplishments of women worldwide, while also taking a critical look at the barriers that millions of women still face.

No matter who you are, what gender you are, or where you live, you have a part to play. When women are given equal opportunities to success, everyone is empowered. When half of the population is held back, the whole world is prevented from moving forward. We all have the power to help create an equal world, but we need to step up to the challenge. International Women’s Day gives us the opportunity to learn, spread awareness, and figure out what actions to take next.

Here are five ways you can prepare for International Women’s Day:

1. Get informed about the issues women face.

First thing first: you can’t be part of the solution if you don’t know the problem. Information is a friend to equality, and there’s plenty of it out there. These five fact-based blogs will get you caught up on the obstacles women and girls still face:

2. Learn about the accomplishments of incredible women.

Wherever an obstacle exists, chances are you’ll find someone who’s facing it head-on. Celebrating the successes of women and girls reminds us that amazing things happen when everyone is given equal opportunity. There’s an outstanding number of women who deserve recognition, but we’ll start you off with just a few:

3. Support female artisans.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that good jobs lead to economic empowerment. Women should have fair access to jobs, and they should have fair pay for the work they do. You can support female artisans by buying products from sources that are committed to women’s economic empowerment! You can even find some products that directly support African female artisans in our ONE shop.

4. Show your support with these stylish wallpapers.

Use your screen to make a statement with an inspirational wallpaper! You’ll get a motivational message every time you look at your phone, and it’ll serve as a reminder of the fight ahead.

5. Keep your eyes open – there’s way more to come!

There’s always more knowledge to gain, women’s stories to share, and ways to support the fight for gender equality. Something big is coming on International Women’s Day, so be on the lookout!

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