Get happy with these good news stories

Get happy with these good news stories

Today is the International Day of Happiness. We thought we would share a few things that have been making us feel particularly positive in the fight against extreme poverty lately. Get ready to smile…

Sub-Saharan Africa is happier

According to the UN’s 2013 World Happiness Report, three big factors contributed to improved happiness in sub-Saharan Africa. An overall rise in GDP; the largest growth seen in the world in social support, and increased freedom to make life choices. The outlook in Angola and Zimbabwe rose more than any other country measured in the survey. In close competition, Sierra Leone made the top 10 of most improved countries in the world.

This Jessie J lip synch with 500 Ugandan women

Possibly the largest lipsynch ever made in Africa, this video features nearly 500 Ugandan women dancing to “Price Tag” by ONE supporter Jessie J. The video was created by SYPO, a Netherlands-based microlending NGO, to show how small business loans have helped impact their lives. I dare you to watch this without smiling!

Potential for huge progress in agriculture


Did you know growth in agriculture is 11 times more effective in reducing poverty in sub-Saharan Africa than growth in other sectors? Not enough African governments are investing in agriculture and small holder farmers. But if they did, they could help lift 85 million people out of extreme poverty by 2024, provide jobs and boost the continent’s economy. ONE members in Africa are calling on their leaders to take action right now as part of our DO AGRIC campaign.

Our progress against extreme poverty

Share the Facts

If we keep going at the current rate, we can bring it to almost ZERO by 2030. Watch Bono’s TED talk to learn more.

Literacy rates are on the rise

Children reading at the Matau Primary School, Zimbabwe The global adult literacy rate is projected to reach 86% by 2015 and the youth literacy rate should reach 92%, says UNESCO. Overall, literacy is improving, especially among young people. Because literate young people grow up to be literate adults, the future is full of readers.

You are not alone


Earlier this year, ONE UK Campaign Manager Saira O’Mallie busted the myth that one person’s voice can’t change anything. Read her powerful blog if you ever feel like you’re on your own and the change you want to see happen is just too big.

“AIDS in Africa” no longer exists


16 African countries are making serious progress on AIDS, making this one-size-fits-all phrase thankfully outdated.  If current rates of progress continue, we could achieve the beginning of the end of AIDS – when the number of people starting treatment is larger the number newly infected with HIV – by 2015.

Bill Gates’ hilarious “viral video”

Bill Gates’ appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show in the US and this electro-comedy video made us LOL… and we couldn’t stop saying “” for weeks.

Our ‘Happy’ video

After playing Pharrell’s “Happy” song on repeat at the office, ONE staff in Washington DC decided to make their own version of his interactive music video. It’s nice to know we work at a place where we can sing and dance with our coworkers across town.

The $12 billion pledge to AIDS, TB and malaria


ONE members were sending postcards, signing petitions, making phone calls, hosting dance parties and more in support of The Global Fund’s replenishment in December 2013 — an important moment in the fight against AIDS, TB and malaria. And their hard work paid off.

World leaders pledged just over $12 billion over the next three years, a 30% increase from the amount pledged last time. With these new resources, The Global Fund will be able to scale up its work, supporting partners to deliver even more medical treatments, bed nets, and other life-saving programmes.

Do you have a story that makes you happy?  Share it with us in a comment below.


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