Could you help us change the law?

Could you help us change the law?


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Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 14.43.26Tomorrow, MPs will vote on the Finance Bill – a set of measures and proposals that will change the way we manage our tax system. Excited? You should be! This is your chance to help change the law.

An amendment to the Bill, tabled by Caroline Flint MP, could have a huge impact on our fight against extreme poverty. The amendment would require the UK’s largest multinational companies to reveal where they make their profits and where they pay taxes, through what’s called public Country-By-Country Reporting.

Why does that matter to the poorest countries?

Public information about the operations of large UK multinational companies would allow developing countries to enforce their own tax laws and provide citizens, NGOs and journalists with the information they need to hold companies to account for paying taxes owed.

With a trillion dollars siphoned out of developing countries every year through corruption we need to take this opportunity to act, now! Because if even a portion of this money was recovered and taxes were collected, it could help developing countries finance their own fights against extreme poverty

Will you send a message to influential MPs?

We need MPs to turn up and vote in support of the amendment. Without their support, we can’t make this vital change to the law.

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