ONE Youth Ambassadors cook up a recipe for change
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ONE Youth Ambassadors cook up a recipe for change


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Written by Ine Tollenaers

World Hunger Day inspired ONE Youth Ambassadors to come together and create a recipe packed with nutritious ingredients. On this day, we’re raising awareness for the 815 million people around the world who experience hunger and the sustainable solutions that can address this issue. It’s also a day that motivated a group of Youth Ambassadors to retreat behind a stove, brush up their cooking skills and make an African inspired recipe full of nutrients. 

We decided to make chicken mafé, a traditional dish from West-Africa. It is a stew full of vegetables with chicken (or any other meat/fish) in a peanut paste sauce. The combination of chicken (lean proteins), vegetables (full of vitamins), and peanuts (high energy and full of nutrients) makes this recipe a real health booster. It is also super easy to prepare, which comes in handy when you don’t have a fully equipped kitchen or lack cooking skills. 

A recipe for change. (Front to back) Emmanouela Charatsi, Liliana Caraça, Martina Baroncelli & Ine Tollenaers

One ingredient could not be left out: the sweet potato.

This slightly cooler version of the regular potato is a real hero. It is a true life-saver because of their high vitamin A content, which is extremely important in sub-Saharan Africa, where 48% — the highest percentage globally — of children suffering from a vitamin A deficiency live. Sweet potatoes can help avoid blindness, diseases and even death! 

But the power of the sweet potato goes even beyond that. They also help to fight poverty, since 95% of sweet potatoes are grown in developing countries, often by small-scale farmers and in home gardens.

The extras that families don’t eat can be sold to boost their income. Women often use the profit to pay for school fees, buy medicines, and purchase other foods for their families.  So the sweet potato really deserves one massive shout out for saving lives and economically empowering women!

Share the video with the recipe and enjoy your meal!

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