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Working with Weldon for over two years now, I wasn’t surprised to learn that he would be leading ONE’s membership efforts during the U2 360° Tour 2010 in Europe. This would be an absolute positive for any and every person that he’d come in contact with while on the whirlwind road. The only loss would be for his colleagues that he’d be temporarily leaving behind in the ONE office in London.

Always buzzing around somewhere, Weldon has more energy than any person can (or should) handle and it’s absolutely contagious! During my week of around-the-clock “tour training” in Brussels, Weldon kept me going better than an espresso! Let’s just say that in order for me to keep up with his walking pace, I had to pick mine up to a light jog. No time to waste…there’s always something to do, somewhere to go, and someone to help. Day or night, he welcomes you with a smile and is more than willing to assist with any task.

Weldon signing up new ONE members in Brussels
Weldon (right) signing up new ONE members in Brussels

As any ONE member, volunteer, or fellow crew member who has worked with him while on tour over the past year can tell you, Weldon’s passion and commitment to ONE and our issues is truly inspiring. When it comes to the fight against extreme poverty, he is at the forefront of getting folks educated and onboard with the mission. And thanks to him tens of thousands of new people have joined ONE, making our movement stronger and our voice louder.

Seeing Weldon in action “in the field,” reignites your enthusiasm in spreading the word about ONE and getting folks to sign-up in helping the world’s poorest. For example, his “orientation speech” for new volunteers at shows is better than any stand-up act… his quirky jokes, unique ice breakers, contagious smile and overwhelming gusto will all be impossible to replicate.

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to follow in Weldon’s (very large) footsteps as the tour moves onwards from Europe. I can only hope that the folks I meet along the way think as highly of me and speak with such gratitude as they do for Weldon. Mr. Kennedy, you’re a tough act to follow but I will take the torch and run forth, hoping to make you proud!

New Zealand and Australia, we’ll see you soon!


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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