4 actions you can take today to support girls’ futures

Girls and young women are facing a crisis. It’s widespread and affects tens of millions of girls around the world.

So, what is it? It’s education—or rather, a lack of education. Today, over 130 million girls aren’t in school. That’s right: More than 130 MILLION girls are being denied the opportunity to discover who they are, make choices for themselves and learn vital skills, like reading and writing.

We decided to go big and pull all the stops ahead of this year’s Global Partnership for Education replenishment, to bring the issue of girls’ education the attention it needs. Here are four different ways you can join us in bringing this crisis into the spotlight:

1. Tell world leaders this is unacceptable.
Sign our petition and share it with your friends. Leaders need to hear your voice because educating girls means a better world for everyone.

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2. Get the facts.
Around the world, girls are struggling to get an education, but getting an education is more difficult in some countries than others. Check out our education index to discover the 10 toughest places for a girl to get an education.

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3. Join the count.
To represent every girl out of school we’re counting to 130,000,000 — and we’ll need your help to get there. Visit Girls Count to claim a number and get in on the action right now!

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4. Test your knowledge.
This 9 question quiz will put your geography skills to the test. Click below to share the quiz with your friends and see how you compare.

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