A very important week for ONE in Africa


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Hi, I am Sipho Moyo, Director of ONE Africa. This is a very important week for ONE’s work on the continent

We have just opened our office in Johannesburg, we are hosting the ONE Africa Symposium on Economic Transformation through Technology and Transparency, and are launching the ONE Africa Blog.

Infused throughout all this work, is the idea that by going together with others, we will go far.

We are aware that we will need to prove our credibility and inspire trust as we actively build partnerships with other civil society organisations in the region who are already on the ground and working on precisely the same issues that we care about.

We also hope to continue to engage more people in the political process of fighting extreme poverty. There are tens of thousands of ONE members in Africa already, with hundreds more joining each week.

So no matter who you are, we aim to have something interesting for you here on the ONE Africa Blog. You’ll find posts from the business leaders, opinion formers and activists who are shaping the continent, and I hope that you’ll not just read them, but join in the conversation by sharing your thoughts.

Thank you, and I look forward to working with you to end the blight of extreme poverty.

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