5 things you can do to support equality on International Women’s Day


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It’s International Women’s Day and all over the world people are celebrating the amazing achievements that women and girls have made, as well as highlighting the gender inequalities that still exist.

And before you say it, yes there is an International Men’s Day, it’s 19 November. Now back to the ladies.

Whether you are male or female, here are five things you can do today to show that you want to see a world where men and women really are equals.


1. Find out why women are the secret weapon in ending poverty in our special photo-fact blog




2. Play the new Half the Sky Facebook game                                                                     It’s based on the best-selling book and allows you to create change in the real world too.



3. Check out our International Women’s Day YouTube playlist                                 With Daniel Craig in drag and  nine other powerful short videos.




4. Read Kirin and Heena’s story about the reality of being young and female in India




5. Tell a woman that you love her brain, not just her shoes/body/haircut/cooking.       Sounds a bit strange, but when was the last time you actually did this? There you go.


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