5 things UK ONE members have done to get the UK government to support girls’ education

5 things UK ONE members have done to get the UK government to support girls’ education

Everything I have is down to my education. It gave me the knowledge and skills for my job, the confidence to make friends, and the ability to think clearly and form my own opinions.

One of the opinions I feel pretty strongly about is that it’s a scandal that 130 million girls right now aren’t in school – not through any fault of their own, but simply by the lottery of where they were born and the fact that Poverty is Sexist.

But, as ONE members in the UK, we’re not standing idly and complaining about the world. We’re taking action.

In February, world leaders will meet in Senegal to decide how much funding and resource to invest in getting more children into school. We have a golden opportunity to call on our governments to step up and make an ambitious financial pledge.

Here’s five things UK ONE members have done to make sure the UK government takes bold action:

1)   We met A LOT of MPs in Parliament

With our friends at the Student View, a media charity which trains London school kids to become student journalists, we brought 100 students from across London to Parliament to lobby on behalf of the 130 million girls currently out of school.

They met with Conservatives like Nick Hurd, a Home Office Minister, Labour MPs such as Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, and Liberal Democrats such as former Secretary of State for Energy Ed Davey.

Their message to MPs was clear: let’s take action

2)   We took YOUR voices to the Prime Minister

It’s not every day that you get to knock on the door of Number 10 Downing Street but last month, we delivered your voices – over 1.4 million of them – to the Prime Minister with our friends at Global Citizen and Send My Friend to school.

We were also lucky to be joined by Stephen Twigg MP, the Chair of the International Development Committee.


3)   You emailed your MPs             

We didn’t just get active in person, thousands of ONE members joined the campaign online and emailed their members of Parliament calling on them to write to the Prime Minister about the importance of getting girls into school.

Rosemary, a ONE member from Torbay, put it best in an email to her MP when she wrote:

“It is an outrage that so many girls are still denied the chance to learn. As a UK citizen, I am so proud of the work UK aid does around to world to get kids into school, even in the toughest circumstances. It is taxpayers money well spent.”

4)   We delivered your names to the MP making the big decision…

With some unlikely campaigners, some wonderful school students aged 4-7, we delivered our petition to the Department for International Development where Penny Mordaunt MP, the Minister in charge of international development and a champion for UK overseas aid, asked a member of her team to meet with us.

5)   … and your voice was heard!

Penny Mordaunt MP responded to our petition delivery on Twitter with a very promising message…

This is INCREDIBLE. If YOU believe that ALL #GirlsCount and want to join the campaign, take action today!

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