5 gender equality campaigns you need to get behind in 2018

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Tell world leaders: ACT NOW for 130 million girls out of school

We promised you that 2018 would be the year our gloves came off, and we’re not the only ones ready to fight — for women’s rights, that is.

Around the world, people are joining forces and raising their voices together to speak up for equality and speak out against misogyny, sexism, violence against women and human rights abuses.

If you think a world where women and men are equal sounds pretty cool, here are five campaigns working to make this a reality that you need to get behind:

He for She

This movement, initiated by UN Women, aims to engage boys and men because gender equality doesn’t discriminate — it affects both sexes. Since its launch, over 1.3 million (and counting!) actions advocating for a more gender equal world have been completed. Be part of the change here.

Women’s March

On January 21, 2017, millions of women and men across the globe marched together in an effort to generate transformative social change — and it worked. Why? Because the Women’s March wasn’t just a march, it was the spark that started a fire. Get involved with their 2018 activities here.


Around the world, a grassroots, Africa-led movement is happening to end female genital mutilation (FGM) within a generation. With incredible organisations like The Girl Generation leading the charge, it’s clear that progress is possible. Learn more about how you can #EndFGM here.  

Times Up

A brand new movement created in the wake of #MeToo seeks to address the systemic inequalities and injustices women experience in the workplace around the world. Times Up will raise awareness about these experiences AND provide valuable subsidies towards legal support for individuals that bring legal action against perpetrators of sexual harassment or related retaliation in the workplace. To find out how you can get involved, check out their site.

Poverty is Sexist

We know sexism is global – and we know the fight against it should be too.

Our #PovertyIsSexist campaign aims to break down the barriers that keep women and girls in the world’s poorest countries from achieving their full potential.

If YOU agree that none of us are equal until all of us are equal, then join the movement today.


Tell world leaders: ACT NOW for 130 million girls out of school

Dear World Leaders, 130 million girls are out of school - this is a crisis and we need to act. Please fully finance the Global Partnership for Education as part of the solution so it can help millions of girls in the poorest countries get the education they deserve.

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