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While leaders meet at the G20 summit in Cannes, Bill Gates was invited to speak about financing for development.

In his report, he makes the case for why we must continue investing in the livelihoods of poor people—and he suggests some innovative ways to do it.

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In the report, Bill Gates says:

“Leadership from the G20 is critically important right now. The global economic situation is as fragile as it has been at any time in the past 50 years. As leaders of the G20, you face a difficult challenge: How do you resolve the immediate crisis while continuing to make smart investments in long-term growth and improved living conditions?

In the past 50 years, a billion people were saved from starvation by advances in agriculture. Health has improved in stunning ways, thanks to innovations like vaccines. In 1960, 20 million children under the age of 5 died. In 2010, fewer than 8 million children under 5 died. The world population more than doubled during this time, which means the rate of death has been cut by over 80 percent. Aid generosity has played an important role in these successes

Despite the current economic crisis, I am optimistic that we can build on the generosity and innovations that worked in the past. The group of countries able to contribute resources to development is larger than ever before. The number of people who can spur innovations is much greater than in the past. For these reasons, I am convinced we can create a new era in development.”

You can download a full copy of the report 21st Century Development: Innovation with impact from the Gates Foundation website.


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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