Development Assistance

Official Development Assistance (ODA) is the only international financial flow with the explicit aim of promoting economic development and poverty reduction in low and middle income countries. Smart aid fights disease, provides lifesaving nutrition and healthcare, supports education opportunities, and promotes good governance.

Global Aid

The latest data show that global ODA levels have effectively flatlined, despite increasing need. Overall, aid from OECD DAC donors fell to $147.2 billion in 2017 (down 0.1% from 2016 in real terms). This was mostly due to a decrease in aid being spent at home to support refugees (IDRC – In-Donor Refugee costs).

However, aid to Africa – where more than half of the world’s poorest people live – and the least developed countries (LDCs) was up in 2017, by 4.6% and 7.4% respectively. These increases are urgently needed after the share of aid going to these countries was in decline for many years.