In 2020, let’s give millions of kids access to life-saving vaccines

When kids are protected from infectious diseases, they can go to school, their parents can go to work, and their community can thrive. Add your name to our petition asking world leaders to fully fund Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance and ensure every child has a healthy start in life.


Progress not Promises

Today, there are still too many girls married off as children or not allowed to go to school; too many women dying of AIDS or forbidden to bank the money they earn.

Over forty inspiring activists from across the African continent are demanding leaders make progress, not promises for women everywhere. Sign their open letter and join the global fight for equality.

Because none of us are equal until all of us are equal.


Stop sexual violence in Senegal

Following the rape and murder of two women in Senegal – acts that highlight the sexual violence that many women in Senegal may face – we’re turning our outrage into action.

Artist and campaigner Black Queen is launching a public campaign with ONE, calling on the Senegalese government to recognise rape as a serious crime and improve implementation of all sexual violence laws in the country.


Join the fight against extreme poverty