How to get ready this election season!

How to get ready this election season!


Join the fight against extreme poverty

We are less than a month from the elections! At this crucial time, hundreds of Canadians are applying for a key job to be the voice of your community in Parliament. They are out there, engaging with your community and learning what matters the most to you.

And how can you engage with them on issues that affect people impacted by extreme poverty and preventable diseases? We have prepared a guide to help you!


This election season, you’re the boss! As the boss, the most important thing you can do is to use your voice to let your candidates know that you care!

We’re here to help you with a few simple ways to make your voice–and your vote–count even more. It’s crucial to engage with ALL candidates on issues that affect people impacted by extreme poverty, regardless of their party affiliation. Our toolkit has all tips and tricks on how to do that! Here’s a quick outline of what it contains:

Get to know the candidates

What is your riding name? Who are the candidates representing each party for your riding? Get to know them and their platform!

Quick tips for talking to candidates

You might meet your candidate at a town hall, a local festival or they might knock on your door! How can you engage with a meaningful and productive discussion with them?

Questions & talking points to use with canvassers & candidates

What are each party’s position on Canada’s role in ending extreme poverty? How do you approach this topic with a Liberal, Conservative, Green or NDP candidate? Our toolkit has a list (that you can save as screen grab on your phone!) of quick facts and short history on each party’s position on this issue.

Remember that the key message your candidates need to hear is: “I care about Canada’s role in ending extreme poverty.” And we have all the tools for you to broadcast this message loud and clear.

Are you ready to be an engaged citizen this election season? Download our toolkit.

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