CNN’s Anthony Bourdain gets a warm welcome in Ethiopia
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CNN’s Anthony Bourdain gets a warm welcome in Ethiopia


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On last night’s Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, ONE members Marcus Samuelsson and his wife Maya took Anthony Bourdain to Ethiopia for great food and even better stories.

“It’s a country filled with great cooks and great music,” says Bourdain in the above video. “Ethiopia is absolutely unique and little understood. We’re looking to shed a little light.”

On, Bourdain writes: “I’ve been meaning and hoping to visit Ethiopia and make a show there for years. But I would never consider doing it without Marcus coming along to put a personal spin on things. It’s always better, I think, when we can see a new or unfamiliar place through a specific set of eyes, to have a particular voice telling us about a place.”

Upon arrival in the Gurage region—where Maya calls home and has written about for ONE—Anthony is treated to traditional Ethiopian coffee served with salt, rather than sugar!

In the above video, Bourdain spots youths skateboarding near a local bus stop as he muses on the under-18 median age in Ethiopia and the country’s recent economic boom.

Here, food, whiskey, music, and dancing allow for a pretty awesome party!

Watch other clips on, and read more about Maya Samuelsson and chef Marcus Samuelsson here at!

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