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New Global Financing Facility to tackle maternal and child health launched

Improving maternal and child health is the one the smartest investments you can make if you care about not only ending suffering and saving lives, but also securing resilient economic growth that benefits all citizens. And for a wide range of partners to come together and put their support firmly behind developing countries’ own national…

Ebola: Get the Facts

En Français The Ebola virus is spreading at an alarming pace across West Africa.  It has already killed more than 3,000 people, and is rapidly becoming an economic development crisis.  Other health programs have halted, farmers have not been able to work their fields, individuals have not been able to take their goods to market,…

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Twitter Chat: Ask a Tanzanian agriculture activist a question

ONE is joining Devex for #FeedingDev, a week-long digital event to raise awareness for the importance of agriculture in fighting extreme poverty. My name is Juma Bruno Ngomuo, and I’m an agriculture activist living in Tanzania. Earlier this year, I helped ONE urge African leaders to invest in agriculture during the Do Agric campaign. I…

Agriculture pays. Open letter to AU heads of state – Kanayo F Nwanze

Judging from the daily outpouring of commentary, opinions and reports, you would think that there were two African continents. One of them is the new land of opportunity, with seven of the world’s 10 fastest growing economies, offering limitless possibilities to investors. There is, however, this other image: a starving and hopeless continent, hungry and poor, corrupt and prey to foreign exploiters.

Youth Ambassador Alioune: “We Africans are looking for real change and sustainable solutions”

Since moving to Europe, I’ve worked hard to change the image that many people have of my continent. Of course there is extreme poverty in Africa, and of course we need to end this as soon as possible. But we Africans are not looking for hand-outs, but real change and sustainable solutions.

D’Banj joins 18 artists to release ‘Cocoa ‘na Chocolate’ for ONE

Today we are releasing our new song ‘Cocoa ‘na Chocolate’ and it’s yours for FREE when you sign ONE’s petition. I’ve come together with some of Africa’s top recording artists, including Femi Kuti, Omawumi, Fally Ipupa, Juliani & Vusi Nova, to tell our youth that their future is literally beneath their feet.