Responsible consumption

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

We know the world’s natural resources are limited, but we’re using more water, mining more minerals and cutting down more forests than ever before.

We’re also throwing more stuff away – a lot more. In 1900 the world generated 300,000 tons of rubbish a day. Fast forward 100 years to 2000, and that had shot up to 3 million tons per day. And what’s really crazy is that while 1 in 9 of us are hungry, every year a third of the food we produce is lost or wasted. So we not only need to consume less, we need to make sure it goes further.

If we hit this goal, it could change the lives of millions of people living today, but the real impact will be felt by future generations. Instead of severe water shortages, pollution and ravaged earth, we could leave them a sustainable planet that provides everything they need.