Good health and well-being

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

It’s the one thing we all take for granted until we feel unwell: our health. The world has made incredible advances in medicine, but far too many people don’t have access to even basic healthcare.

Preventable diseases like malaria, TB and HIV AIDS still claim millions of lives every year, and the recent Ebola outbreak in west Africa shows how weak many countries’ health systems are. The good news is investment in health makes a huge difference, and life-changing progress is already happening. We’ve cut child deaths in half, HIV infections are down by more than 40%, and more than 6 million malaria deaths have been prevented.

We need to speed this progress up by training more health workers and making sure they have the medicines and supplies they need. Then we really could see a world where diseases are stopped in their tracks and everyone can get treatment when they need it.