John Doerr

Président, Kleiner Perkins

John is an engineer, acclaimed venture capitalist, and the chairman of Kleiner Perkins. For more than 40 years, John has served entrepreneurs with ingenuity and optimism, bringing ideas worth spreading to disruptive leaders and teams.

John was an original investor and board member at Google and Amazon, helping to create over a million jobs and the world’s most valuable companies. He’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs reimagine the future. Outside of Kleiner Perkins, John works with social entrepreneurs tackling systemic issues across climate, public health, and education.

A pioneer of Silicon Valley’s cleantech movement, John has been investing in zero-emission technologies since 2006. Together with his wife Ann, John has been an active philanthropist in the climate space, funding both emissions mitigation and conservation efforts for the last two decades.

Doerr is the author of Measure What Matters and Speed & Scale: An Action Plan for Solving Our Climate Crisis Now.