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Jennifer Lotito

Présidente et Directrice des opérations, (RED)

As President and Chief Operating Officer, Jennifer is responsible for the overall strategic and operational growth trajectory of the (RED) organisation. She oversees the short and long-term priorities that continue to build the (RED) brand and generate critical and sustainable funding and awareness to help end the AIDS and now COVID pandemic. She drives the successful relationships with (RED) partner brands including Apple, Bank of America, Beats by Dre, LVMH, Salesforce, Starbucks and others—brands who have helped generate nearly $700 million for the Global Fund, impacting over 245 million lives.

Prior to joining (RED) in 2008, Jennifer was a Senior Partner at Ogilvy Worldwide, responsible for overseeing the global IBM and American Express accounts. A native Bostonian, Jennifer started her advertising career at Houston Effler after graduating from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Jennifer is Co-Founder and President of the JML Hope Foundation, a 501c3 private foundation that focuses on the power of mentorship to nurture the minds and hearts of the next generation of leaders. She also serves as a Board Advisor to Hands Offering Hope, a non-profit organisation focused on empowering the youth of the world, especially within Mexico.