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We all dream about what we want our future to look like. And one of those dreams is probably about doing a great job we love.

Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to make dreams into reality in Nigeria.  1 in 3 young Nigerians is unemployed. With so many people unable to achieve their ideal careers, it’s time leaders did better.

Nigeria is a youthful country. By 2030, Nigeria’s population could reach 264 million, half of which will be under 25 years old. At the moment, 23 million young people are either unemployed or underemployed – in jobs that don’t make full use of their skills. Although at least 3 million Nigerian youth enter the workforce every year, only about 1.2 million formal jobs are created annually.

In February 2019 elections, many young Nigerians are voting based on the issues that matter most to them. It’s no surprise that jobs comes top of the list. Other important issues include ending corruption, improving healthcare, access to education and investing in agriculture. By investing in Naija’s youth, presidential candidates could unlock the huge potential of young Nigerians to help build a strong and prosperous country.

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