ONE Africa Symposium 2011

The power of African civil society

The ONE Africa Award celebrates innovations and progress by Africans towards achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, the world’s blueprint to a better future, ranging from halving extreme poverty to halting the spread of HIV/AIDS and providing universal primary education.

Turbo-charging accountability

If governments and leaders are not accountable to their citizens, resources will be squandered, services such as health and education will not be delivered effectively, businesses will not thrive, civil society will not flourish and conflict-affected countries will remain stuck in repeated cycles of violence and instability. ...

A very important week for ONE in Africa

Hi, I am Sipho Moyo, Director of ONE Africa. This is a very important week for ONE’s work on the continent We have just opened our office in Johannesburg, we are hosting the ONE Africa Symposium on Economic Transformation through Technology and Transparency, and are launching the ONE Africa Blog. [EXPAND ] Infused throughou......

ONE Africa Symposium 2011

Rapid advances in technology - together with our greater understanding of how to harness it - are accelerating the ability of citizens to demand improvements in the services their government provides, just as they are enabling governments to improve the supply of services to their citizens.