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15 moments that could change the world in 2015

15 moments that could change the world in 2015

#Globalcitizens of the world unite – for this year we have an historic world leaders' summit and a confluence of conferences. World leaders will be deciding all our fates for us, so we need to #demandbetter from them, and remind them they work for us. Here are the key movement moments when activists must be loud and clear.

Africa speaks with one voice in Durban

Thursday 8th of December was Africa Day at the COP17 climate negotiations in Durban.  This high level event was the culmination of daily conferences on Africa’s development and sustainable growth.  Leaders came together to show to the world the opportunity that exists for energy development in Africa. The continent had 6 ......

Green Growth Now: An African Perspective

Edith Jibunoh is in Lisbon this week attending the African Development Bank’s (AfDB) Annual Meetings in Lisbon. The AfDB is the premier finance development institution in Africa, building a track record for responsiveness to Africa’s development challenges, especially in infrastructure, as well as support in tradi......