Ebola: What are we waiting for?

The world waited too long to respond to Ebola. Ebola is devastating West Africa. And every day we continue to wait – for funding to reach the ground, for nurses and doctors to be deployed, for the shattered medical services to be rebuilt - more people die.

Leaders from every nation—not just the usual suspects—need to stop waiting and act.

Watch our new video - and sign our petition - and tell world leaders it’s time to stop the outbreak now AND build health systems that could stop crises like this from happening ever again.

Want to know more? Find out how donors are keeping their commitments with our interactive Ebola Response Tracker.

Dear World Leaders,

We're counting on you to quickly make and deliver bold commitments and help end the Ebola epidemic now.

BREAKING: A billion thanks!

The US just announced how much they’ll be giving to childhood vaccines at the pledging conference for Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. And guess what? They’re giving exactly what we asked for: $1 billion over the next 4 years. We couldn’t be more grateful. So now let’s say thanks.

Say thanks

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