Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance and ONE Team up on Black AIDS Day

Working in the East Garfield Park community in Chicago we have learned
that HIV rates are on the rise within all age groups. At Garfield Park
Conservatory Alliance where I work we recognized this trend and wanted
to host an event around National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day on
February 7. The primary goals of the day were to motivate African
Americans to get tested and know their HIV status, get educated about
the transmission modes of HIV/AIDS, get involved in their local
community, and get treated if they are currently living with HIV or are
newly diagnosed.

In asking community residents the type of activities they would like to
see at an HIV awareness event, advocacy and ways to get involved rang
loud and clear. As a committed member of the ONE Campaign, who believes
that we need to both raise awareness and act to do something about the
devastating effects of HIV both locally and internationally, I though
it’d be great to have ONE at the event. I am very pleased that a ONE
representative was able to come to talk about the Campaign and sign
people up to fight the global emergency of HIV/AIDS. I look forward to
having the ONE at future events.

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