More messages delivered to Wisconsin US Senate candidates

In the final days of the campaign, ONE members took time to hand-deliver more postcards to Wisconsin’s US Senate candidate Tommy Thompson and Tammy Baldwin’s offices. These postcards have messages asking the candidates, if elected, to support poverty-based foreign assistance programs like Feed the Future – which helps train people how to modernize their farming techniques and provides them with sweet potato seeds that also address the malnutrition in children by providing the necessary vitamin A.

Some postcards urge candidates, if elected, to support the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) to get us closer to realizing the first generation born HIV-free by 2015. Other postcards are asking to support these programs because our nation’s military leaders tell us that foreign assistance is essential to comprehensive national security strategy.


Special thanks to ONE member Zerina Hamulic who delivered to Thompson’s office and Tyler Weber who delivered postcards to Baldwin staffer Brian Conlan. Make sure you read Tammy Baldwin and Tommy Thompson’s statements on what they’d do, if elected, to fight extreme poverty and preventable disease.