Paul Sadler thanks Texas ONE team

Photo caption: Here is Democratic Senator Paul Sadler, writing thank you notes to ONE members in Texas.

Last week, ONE members in Austin, Texas got together to make an important delivery – a stack of postcards, handwritten letters, and a petition signed by constituents asking the Senate candidates to make sure that extreme poverty was on the agenda in the 2012 election.

After meeting with high level staff at the campaign office of Republican candidate Ted Cruz, we made our way to the offices of his democratic opponent, Paul Sadler. His staff was kind enough to pass along the messages written by voters in the Lone Star State.

While those of us in Texas know all too well how hotly contested politics can be in our state, we are proud to know that both candidates have heard the voices of ONE members telling them that eradicating extreme poverty and preventable disease needs to be a priority, regardless of how the election turns out.