ONE at Virginia Tech gets scrappy

ONE member Ozma with George Allen

Virginia Tech’s ONE Campus Challenge chapter was stoked to learn that the final Senate debate would be held right here on VT’s campus!

We knew we couldn’t let the opportunity pass us by so we planned to get tickets to the debate as soon as they were made available. Showing up 30 minutes before the box office was set to open, we were devastated to learn that all the tickets were gone!

Kaine VA Tech
ONE members with Tim Kaine

Time for Plan B. We decided to get together before the debate in an attempt to meet each candidate as he arrived. Though we struck out with that plan, we did manage, through dogged persistence, to reach both candidates with our message before the night was over!

Huge thanks to ONE Vote 2012 State Advisory Committee member, Steven Cochran and kudos to our VT team for their commitment to the world’s poorest people – we need to make sure that Virginia’s next senator will fight extreme poverty and preventable disease.

-Ozma Lane, Leader, Virginia Tech ONE Campus Challenge