Claude, the 9-foot, mustachioed sweet potato

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Meet Claude. He graduated from Georgetown with a double major in agriculture and government, and he’s interning at Congressman Rick’s office in Washington this semester. All Claude wants to do is get the Congressman to read his big plan on nutrition, but he can’t get the time of day from him. Maybe it’s because Claude is a 9-foot sweet potato… with a giant mustache!

ONE teamed up with comedy group Funny or Die (we’ve worked with them in the past… remember our AIDS video with Zach Galifianakis?) to create a short film about Claude’s struggle to put global child nutrition on the political agenda. Although (spoiler alert!) Claude never quite gets his plan in front of the Congressman, he has faith that activists and comedy-lovers like you will take action with ONE to make his dreams come true.

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This is what we meant by “struggle”… mwa ha ha!

The Funny or Die piece, “Claude the Intern,” features Dan Gill, an up-and-coming comedian from Iowa City who you may have seen on The Office or the short film Dumbleweed. I think he does a pretty hilarious job of playing our humble sweet potato mascot. And his mustache and country drawl really help!

Click the graphic below to watch the video:
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Using comedy and satire is a great way to raise awareness for tough issues like global childhood malnutrition. It makes the topic seem less intimidating and more approachable, and opens up the conversation to people who may not have been aware of ONE or our issues in the first place.

So help us out and share Claude’s story with your friends on Twitter and Facebook — maybe it’ll grab their attention and help them find their inner activist spirit!