Amazing Africa: Portraits

Beautiful landscapes and beautiful fruits have populated our past Amazing Africa posts — now how about some beautiful faces? In these compelling and intimate shots, the focus is on people and their stories — which is exactly what we’re about here at ONE.

Okyereko Rice Cooperative Association
A staffer at the Okyereko Rice Cooperative Association in Ghana. Photo credit: Morgana Wingard/ONE

Madagascar Girl
A little girl in Madagascar

African child
Although we’ve shared this photo many times before on ONE’s website, the look in this beautiful child’s eyes still move us.

TAMALE, GHANA - JANUARY 10, 2012:. (Photos by Morgana Wingard)
A smallholder farmer in Tamale, Ghana. Photo credit: Morgana Wingard/ONE

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Boosting Nutrition in Egypt
This boy sells fortified bread on the streets of Cairo, Egypt. The bread, which has extra nutrients, helps prevent malnutrition for Egypt’s poorest people.

A Father Son Love Story
Kevin was nearly about to die from complications with HIV/AIDS, but thanks to ARV medication, he’s healthy again. His son, pictured here, is HIV-negative, thanks to treatment.

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Cote d'Ivoire
Dr. Diby Charles Joseph of Cote d’Ivoire helps people like Kevin go on treatment for HIV/AIDS.

TAMALE, GHANA - JANUARY 11, 2012:. (Photos by Morgana Wingard)
You can tell by this Ghanaian woman’s eyes that she has experienced many hard years. She works as a farmer for the Nyohini Women’s Group, a rice processing center funded through Millennium Challenge Corporation, in Tamale. Photo credit: Morgana Wingard/ONE

Kenya Health Worker Video Shoot
Paulene and her sweet daughter at a vaccines clinic in Nairobi, Kenya. We are happy knowing that this baby will grow up without the fear of some of the most deadly preventable diseases.

Kenya Health Worker Video Shoot
A health worker in Kenya who helps moms like Paulene get treatments they need for their babies.

Growing Sweet Potatoes in Tanzania
A kid on a sweet potato farm in Tanzania.

Health Outrach in Ethiopia
This girl, who lives in a rural part of Ethiopia, just got treated by a health extension worker. Since many of her fellow villagers live far away from hospitals or clinics, health workers come to them to give them the health care they need.

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