The rabbits behind our carrot cards

Elizabeth Brady from ONE’s creative team with a fun update:


ONE would like to express our special thanks to our friends at GreenFieldPaper Company who produced our all-natural, handmade carrot paper (virtually overnight!) for ONE members in time for the launch of our Agriculture campaign, Thrive. In conjunction with our digital call to action, (an online petition urging G8 members to take action against the worldwide cycle of poverty), members across the globe wrote personalized messages on postcards made of real, plantable carrot seeds, encouraging their world leaders to use their influence to take bold action around agriculture and lift 15 million people out of extreme poverty.

Designing the cards, sourcing the carrot seeds, producing the custom paper and printing 21,500 carrot postcards (in multiple languages for the worldwide launch) was no easy task. Our seed papermakers not only produced a fantastic product, they had a sense of humor about it as well. The print run occurred over the Easter holiday, so the papermakers wore bunny ears and bunny aprons on their weekend shift. Many thanks to all who made our campaign launch a success, across the country and the globe.