Day 1 of the ONE 2012 Power Summit

This week, nearly 150 ONE super-members were in Washington, D.C., for ONE’s 2012 Power Summit, a four-day advocacy extravaganza.

DSC_4196 DSC_4217 DSC_4219

My first day of the 2012 ONE Power Summit is done -– and already it’s been an extremely exciting and informative program. It was great to learn about how to become a better advocate during this first set of meetings, and also wonderful to have the opportunity to meet passionate ONE members from throughout the US and Canada.

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During these first sessions, we discussed how to identify and develop catalyst volunteers within our communities, and the ways we can support the our relationships with other ONE members, grasstop community leaders and members of Congress. We also talked about some of the new campaigns that ONE launching and the basics of advocacy and campaigning — whether it be meeting with their campaign staff, writing letters, using social media or making phone calls.

Another exciting element of the day was the session on THRIVE and the postcard campaign that will kick it off. For the next month, ONE members from around the country will be sending thousands of seed paper postcards embedded with carrot seeds to the White House and President Obama -– promoting Feed the Future and sustainable agricultural programs at the global level ahead of the G8 Summit in May.

Overall, the day was amazing and I’m really looking forward to the rest of the meetings and joining my fellow Congressional District Leaders and Campus Leaders on Capitol Hill for Lobby Day –- with the chance to speak directly to our elected leaders and their staffs.

As my first time attending the Power Summit it was really great to feel the connection to ONE as an organization and to know that as volunteer leaders, we truly are a part of the big things ONE is doing as an organization.

-Becky Corbett, CDL (MA-03), Nursing student at Becker College